A New Season

As we move into a new season. Let us do so with hope, joy and expectation. Our season for change is now! Join me in celebrating this new season. Let’s start by celebrating ourselves, our family, friends and most of all our God.

Now- let’s boldly walk into A New Season!

By Andria Thompson Posted in Change

3 comments on “A New Season

  1. God Bless you , Your words are strong and it inspire anyone in any situations .. keep doing the work of God …

  2. Andria, this is truly an amazing site and it’s very well done and inspiring….I know what it’s like to keep up with blog posts on a regular basis, it could be tiring and exhausting at times but someone is always reading and being uplifted by what you have to say so keep up the good work. I’m so amazed and proud of your growth you truly are a Woman of Virtue! Much love from bro!

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