Honesty is still the best Policy

HonestyMy friends honesty is still the best policy, so many of us is seeking relationships but are not being honest and true in our pursuit of the very thing we are created for. Relationships today are not being built on a true foundation and because of this they are falling apart left and right. We must seek God, and seek to build our lives and relationships upon His truth and work together to make our relationships one that the world would want to mirror, not run from. Remember what we sow in life we will also reap. Let’s seek to be a people that sow honesty and truth.

This was sent to me this morning and I love what this Man of God had to say about the topic: Please read below.
Honesty In Relationships

It’s so amazing when I see seemingly good relationships go bad. One moment you see a man and a woman madly in “LOVE” and the next moment they begin to say the most horrible things about each other as the relationship goes down the drain. The question is…”where they ever in Love?”

The above were things that was commonly heard outside the Church (the body of Christ), but today, it is even more rampant in Churches. Some Pastors now use the church as a match making network for the highest bider, some brothers in church also have come to perfect the act of swindling sisters while some sisters have come to perfect the act of sleeping around not only with outsiders, but with members/leaders of the church only to come back and lift “Holy” hands with the saints…..God is not mocked!

The word ” LOVE” has been misunderstood by many believers. Today, people say ” I love you” and all they mean in thier head is…..”I want you, I wanna sleep with you etc. No wonder divorce rate in Church is almost 50%, higher than what is out there in the world.

Why be in a relationship that is headed no where? Why waste you precious time with a tongue speaking player? Why hang on to someone who is only using you as a stepping stone?

In my years of councelling singles, I have come across a lot of people who wasted years of thier lives just because one or both parties to a relationship failed to be honest at the first instance.

Before you enter a relationship and during your relationship, dont just use your head (Logic) and dont just use yor heart (Emotions)…..they can fail you. Learn to use “DISCERNMENT” and you will see beyond your naked eyes……..for the steps of the RIGHTEOUS are directed by the Lord. My prayer is that we embrace speaking the truth in any form of relationship we find our selves.

(c) by Abraham Jones
In the words of my Pastor “Be patient yet dilligent in the pursuit of God’s best for your life!” Walk in Honesty!
Gods best 4 you


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