A Lesson from the 1st Lady

Would most Type A, professional women have dated Barack when he was a broke, big-eared organizer with a funny name?

“If black women are going to defy the statistics, they need to start being more realistic. Holding out for the perfect man, someone who is intellectual but not nerdy—cool but not arrogant—impeccably dressed but not effeminate—not a player but with just the right amount of edge—is useless. Smart can go with a little nerdy. Artsy can be accompanied by off-beat. Ambitious and focused may mean less than a social butterfly.

And let’s be fair. We expect men to resist what society tells them about ideals when it comes to us—God, help the brother who admits a preference for skin or hair displayed on every magazine cover; or the arrogant fool who holds out for his own Clair Huxtable, not acknowledging that The Cosby Show was fiction. We’re justifiably upset when unrealistic standards are imposed on us, but many of us don’t seem to give black men any breaks in return when it comes to the superficial”.
Let’s be real ladies. (most of us want a man that’s got it going on…Now!) When Michelle met Barack, he was a broke lawyer. Big ears doing community service in Chicago. But Michelle saw him for who he was, she saw his potential (reminds me of Jesus when he looks at us) Michelle and Barack worked together to built a life and we all know the rest of the story. Bottom line, let’s start to look at the potential in the man/womam. Be willing to stand by their side and help them to unlock the greatness that God has placed inside of them.

What Single Women Can Learn From Michelle Obama


One comment on “A Lesson from the 1st Lady

  1. I must admit that this is true, I’m guilty of wanting someone who has “got it going on…now” but I have been reevaluating my priorities so that i wont miss that Man of God that Jesus has sent for me. Michelle and Barack are a beautiful love story, I just love happy endings

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