The Spirit of Rizpah

(Sorry guys…this one is for my sister’s)

Ladies, in this season God is calling His daughter’s back to Himself. He is saying “Arise! Take your place, seek Me with all your heart, soul and might. Say to the enemy “enough is enough” hold your head up high my daughter’s for you have My attention”.

Wow! We have the attention of King Jesus! I’m praying that you will receive this revelation as I did. Please take a moment to read below. This was sent to me by a dear sister in Christ and I believe it is indeed a timely word for us in this season.

During this past Sunday afternoon service when we were praying I felt the need to call for the “Spirit Of Rizpah” to fall upon the women. That has not left me, in fact I. read the story (2 Samuel 21:1-14) before I went to bed that night and woke up Monday spending most of the day reading and meditating on it. Today while praying I heard “Daughters Of Rizpah Rise Up” So in obedience I’ll send the message through this medium. My sisters I want to encourage you to read this passage of scripture 2 Samuel 21:10-14, and let the Holy Spirit speak to you. Ask Him to release the Spirit of Rizpah in your life.

I’ll just share with you a little of what I’ve discovered about this woman.
Rizpah was a woman who had been victimized most of her life, and the last straw was the execution of her two sons. She lost it and grab some sackcloth and decided that she was going to look like a fool until something changed. Rizpah had had enough and she was not going to be silent or passive any longer. She looked foolish setting up a tent where the dead bodies were hanging, using her sackcloth to fan away the vultures and the wild animals so they wouldn’t eat the flesh of her sons.

Weeping and mourning everyday over these dead boys, I’m sure people felt sorry for Rizpah, but thought, “this woman is crazy.” This went on for days which turned into weeks and into months. She did not leave there until King David sent for the bones and berried them with their father King Saul. I believe the spirit of Rizpah represents a ” Wailing Praying Persistent Spirit.” This means I’m prepared to do these three things until the King responds.

I know a lot of us have gone through and are still going through some tough issues. Whether it our health, children, marriage, relationships, church or family. We can say together “enough is enough” and this stops now. The enemy has terrorized us long enough. Yes some of us have made decisions and like Rizpah we never thought it would come back to bite us after all these years, but we say now, Lord help, Lord save. We throw ourselves on the mercy of the King’s court. We turn in repentance to him.

By: Elder Marjorie


2 comments on “The Spirit of Rizpah

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  2. Grace and Peace my sister… Thank you so much for sharing such a timely word… The Lord gave me an image of myself in prayer fighting away the fowl of the air and the beast of the field just like our sister Rizpah… Your sight has given me even more clarity concerning the vision God shared with me… I have been called as an intercessor and I have been awaiting God’s move in my life concerning some things.. Thank you again for sharing this word.. May God continually bless the works of your hands and the fruit of your” womb “( those things you have birthed in the spirit)..

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