love is more than skin deep…

What do you see when you look at me? yes, the colour of my skin. We are often looked at and instinctively judged by the package, many times missing what God has for us. My friend, every race has good and bad people in it . When seeking a mate look past the colour of the persons skin. Love is more then skin deep. Never let a few bad experiences tarnish your feelings towards an entire social group. Be it Black, White or Asian. Open up, learn to respect, honour and cherish regardless of what color or ethnicity he/she may come from. Take a deeper look, the love you seek may just be right in front of you♥

Seek the one that can stimulate your body, speak to your soul and minister to your spirit~ Andria Thompson

From the movie: Something New staring Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker. One of my favourite movies…A must see!

Look way past my skin, go deeper still and see…the real me! ~ Andria Thompson


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