A Life of True Value

What we preach and what we do should match. If we preach one thing, and do another we are only deceiving ourselves. Let us seek to understand and live a life of Value. A life that is pleasing to God, others and ourselves. Wake up each morning with no regrets.

Living according to your true values:

The best intentions matter little if your daily life doesn’t reflect those values. How can you make sure that your thoughts and actions match? Good or bad, your values are shaped by your actions just as much as they do the shaping. Actions that are true to your values build a stronger personal foundation that others can see. Why are the memories of our greatest personal and public heroes so powerful and timeless, long after they’re gone? They stood for something. They were living, breathing examples of the values they prized. It takes courage, a belief in yourself and strong determination. But it can be done. Do one thing today that shows the world what you believe. Do one thing that you know is right. Do one thing that would make your hero smile.

Note taken from: Spark People Healthy Reflections

Values and identity are two sides of the same coin! Our values guide our choices; our choices define who we are! ~ Bishop Bronner


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