Flags Colours and Meanings

This is a follow-up to my last blog on “Rose Colours and Meanings.”

Flags are specially designed for those who express worship, praise and intercession to God through dance or intercessory prayer. However anyone can flag. Each colour flag has its own prophetic meaning. When a dancer or intercessor wants to proclaim the manifest glory of God among the congregation they would wave a gold, blue or purple flag, in warfare you would see them waving a red flag. Below is a list of colours that is most often used in service.

Red: Blood of Jesus, salvation, restoration, consuming fire, love, war and right relationships. Ephesians 1:7 In Him we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of His grace.

Purple: Royalty Easter 8:15 kingship (Mark 15:17; John 19:2), majesty, mediator, wealth (Judges 8:26; Revelations 18:16), authority (Ezekiel 27:7)

Blue/Sapphire: Holy Spirit, divine revelation of God’s law Hebrews 10:15 – 16

Green: Life, 1 John 2:25 growth (Genesis 9:3), prosperity (Genesis 30:37-41), restoration (Isaiah 61:3; Psalm 23:2,3) new beginning (Isaiah 27:6; Romans 6:4), fruitfulness (Psalm 52:8; Hosea 14:8), flourishing (Jeremiah 17:8; Ezekiel 17:24; Psalm 92:12-15)

Amber: The glory of God, fiery passion, flaming throne of God Ezekiel 1:4

Gold: Glory, purified out of the refining fire. Malachi 3:3

Silver: The Word of God, redemption, salvation Matthew 27:9

White: Purity, the Bride of Christ Joel 2:16


RED AND BLUE: warfare

GOLD AND PURPLE: Accompany God´s glorious presence and the Lord´s majesty

RED AND SILVER: salvation and repentance

BLUE AND GREEN: Release of the rain of the Holy Spirit, the rivers of God, blue waters, green pastures. This colour also represents mercy and compassion.



One comment on “Flags Colours and Meanings

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