Updates and Events….

Hey friends,

A very warm welcome to all my new followers, and to you who just drop in every now and then…hello:) I do pray everyone is well. We are 6 months into the year and I have some very excited news:) our website is up an running please check it out when you can, tell me what you think of the new logo. UR Woman

Be sure to check out some of the great events this month..follow me on twitterandriathompson or join me on facebook profile.php?id=725550929 Happy June!

I will be joining my girl at her upcoming book launch if your free that evening come check it out!

Join UR Woman for an afternoon of royal treatment with Royalty Spa and the great tease of Ure’s Kitchen…Music and fellowship all in a relaxing atmosphere…Get in on our early bird special now untill July 1st only $35 after July $45

This Summer take some time just for You♥

Be confident in the skin you’re in, no matter your shape, or height you are beautiful! Fearfully and Wonderfully made. Now begin to live, love and walk that way.

UR Woman~Unique and Rare♥


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