Single Ready & Waiting….♥

God Ordained, Practical and Real.

After reading this book all I could do was thank God for my gifted friend and sister in Christ Tankia Chambers. The Lord has truly given her what I believe to be a manual for the single christian community.

As a Christian Counsellor Tanika takes her time to speak to the heart of the reader. Sharing her own testimony of God’s guidance, love and grace. As an intercessor she goes right to the root of the matter exposing and uprooting every ungodly tradition about relationship that has been sown by the enemy of our soul. Shining the light of God’s word and planting seeds of hope in the heart of the reader.

This book has confirm to me that I’m on the right path (only by God’s grace) and as a single woman walking out the call of God in my life the key is to continue to wait and trust the greatest guide of all (The Holy Spirit) He will guide and lead us towards the “Sacred Stage of Courtship” leading up to marriage. He did it for Tanika He will do it for you and me 🙂

So if you’re truly Single, Ready and Waiting for a purposeful relationship leading to marriage and ready to do it God’s way. I encourage you to pick up a copy of Tanika’s new book “Single Ready and Waiting your guide to courtship” A must read for singles everywhere! To order your copy visit:SINGLE READY & WAITING

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For more information on the Author Tanika A. Chambers visit PROFILE

“Any woman that has a pretty face and a great body can get a man to look in her direction, but only a wise woman can really get their attention” ~SRW


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