TV Interview with SFP TV

Check out my 1st TV interview with the media team for Between the Lines show on SFP TV hosted by Dimitri Boweya-Ngombo

“We live in an image-based society where women are constantly bombarded with different kinds of definitions of beauty, elegance and femininity and womanhood. From BET to Canal +, women are constantly invited to reinvent themselves and sometimes become what they were not created to be in the first place. But because the pressure can become unbearable ( “Conform or be ignored!!”), many end up succumbing to the tactics of a global mass brainwashing campaign. But thank God there are businesses such as UR Woman and Andria Thompson who are precisely focusing on helping women retain their truly unique identities and take pride in how they look. In the field of etiquette and image consulting her approach is truly different. They are in a class by themselves. Watch this video and you will agree with me that this is a very unique message.” ~ Dimitri Boweya-Ngombo

UR Woman
Unique and Rare


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