Uniquely You!

You are unique, dear woman. That is what makes you priceless. The Lord will never, ever replace you. Though He has millions more children, each one wonderful, none is exactly like you! Never give up your uniqueness in order to be what you admire in someone else. Glean all you can from everyone, but duplicate none. You are too priceless as an original to be reduced to a cheap copy. Taken from: Woman Thou Art Loosed ~ Bishop T.D.Jakes

At UR Woman We strive to help women define their image in accordance with their unique personality, lifestyle and aspirations. Understanding that every woman is unique. Our goal is to help groom, inform, and bring out your unique look. Be sure to check out our Uniquely You photo album —> UR Woman Facebook Fan Page every Friday as women from everywhere share with us what makes them unique. So ladies, go ahead and rock that new outfit, but why not add a little of your own unique style to it. “Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.”

If you would like to be featured in our Uniquely You album please Email athompson@ur-woman.ca and tell us what makes you unique….

UR Woman
Unique and Rare

http://www.ur-woman.ca —>Website


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