Are You Wearing the Right Bra & Undergarment Size?

A woman needs to wear supportive and appropriate undergarments at all time. It is essential that every woman has the correct bra for her unique body shape. Selecting the right underwear for your unique body type makes all the difference in how your clothes fit and lay against your body.

A very high percentage of women are wearing the wrong-fitting bra and undergarments. There are so many styles of bra’s to choose from and selecting just the right one can often be a very difficult process. Check out just a few of our tips…

Undergarments tips:

1. For more support, chose a bra with wider shoulder straps and wider side straps to give more support to the bust area while smoothing out the back.

2. Different body types require different design. (Knowing your body type is key)

3. Pick a bra with appropriate coverage. (Know your bust size)

4. Go staples if your dress is staples or has thin straps.

5. Choose panties that don’t leave you with any visible pantie line.

6. Do not choose panties that are too tight and dig into your skin, this will give you unflattering and needless rolls of skin.

7. Choose the right color panties for your outfit. Wearing dark panties with a light dress is often disastrous.



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