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Black Canadian Queen

Black Canadian Queen

Greetings friends, I pray you are well.

I have been on a very exciting journey as  The Black Canadian Queen Ambassador for my city meeting a lot of wonderful people. Many of you have asked me what this program is all about well, this program is a unique opportunity that showcases future women leaders and role models while reaching out to communities and institutions in need.

This initiative by the Diversity Advancement Network is designed to build confidence, ambition and poise in young women. The program is task oriented with activities held to showcase women from a position of power, integrity and honor.

More than a beauty pageant and not beauty focused, but focuses more on the skills, strengths and abilities of minority women as a unique people that are sometimes without representation, misunderstood and judged with stereotypical views.

On a yearly basis a few women are shortlisted and crowned to a specific city. I am truly humbled to be a Queen/ Ambassador for my city. I’m also humbled and honoured to be recognized and awarded for my service in the community. As I continue to serve I look to partner with like minded community leaders like you.

Interested sponsors and partners can contact me directly at andriathompson@hotmail.com or log on to my facebook page for more information about this program or to follow my joinery. 



With Brampton Spotlight host Mr. Levy

With Brampton Spotlight host Mr. Levy

Love you all, Andria Thompson ❤


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