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Had a great evening with some very strong positive and classy women in the Coffee and Cheesecake photo shoot on March 8th. Promoting positive self-image, networking, girl power what a great evening! A very special thank you to Coffee and Cheesecake let’s continue to write history together.

To find out more about Coffee and Cheesecake please visit their facebook page.

Our Website has a new home:

Been looking for us? we moved 🙂 Welcome to the new home of UR Woman we will keep you up to-date on all our upcoming events and workshops, photos and so much more. Please continue to leave us your comments and words of encouragement we read all.

Keep look so much better when you smile 🙂


“How Successful Sisters Treat Other Women”

Ladies as we move into WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH in a few weeks Women’s History Month I have been doing a lot of reading and came across this great article By Sophia A. Nelson a regular contributor to Essence I had to share just a few nuggets from this article:

“1. Successful women like themselves first and foremost. They have a healthy self-image, and self-esteem. They are confident, not cocky. They are able, not arrogant. They know that loving self first as a woman is critical to loving other women.” This one is so on point. When you love and respect yourself you set the tone for others to follow.

“2. Successful women are humble. Don’t miss this. They surround themselves with TRUTH TELLERS, NOT yes men or women. These women surround themselves with people who can advise, guide, pray with, chastise, rebuke, and hold them accountable when they go off course. They welcome truth because they know truth leads to transformation and transformation leads to greatness”. As iron sharpens iron, so one man/woman sharpens another.~ Bible

“5. Successful women sponsor other women and help them achieve their dreams! They use their access, entry and cache to LIFT other women higher! These women honor the 11th commandment. This is something I pride myself on doing for women cross-generationally. I am a connector. I am not afraid to let another sister stand on my shoulders to reach her goals. I hope more of us move in this direction.”

My prayer is that more women will seek to work together and help to build each other, celebrate the success of each other and not tear each other down.

For more on this article visit How Successful Sisters Treat Other Women

October is Women’s History Month…

“We want women leaders today as never before. Leaders who are not afraid to be called names and who are willing to go out and fight.” Fight for a cause, not each other.

Are You Wearing the Right Bra & Undergarment Size?

A woman needs to wear supportive and appropriate undergarments at all time. It is essential that every woman has the correct bra for her unique body shape. Selecting the right underwear for your unique body type makes all the difference in how your clothes fit and lay against your body.

A very high percentage of women are wearing the wrong-fitting bra and undergarments. There are so many styles of bra’s to choose from and selecting just the right one can often be a very difficult process. Check out just a few of our tips…

Undergarments tips:

1. For more support, chose a bra with wider shoulder straps and wider side straps to give more support to the bust area while smoothing out the back.

2. Different body types require different design. (Knowing your body type is key)

3. Pick a bra with appropriate coverage. (Know your bust size)

4. Go staples if your dress is staples or has thin straps.

5. Choose panties that don’t leave you with any visible pantie line.

6. Do not choose panties that are too tight and dig into your skin, this will give you unflattering and needless rolls of skin.

7. Choose the right color panties for your outfit. Wearing dark panties with a light dress is often disastrous.


Uniquely You!

You are unique, dear woman. That is what makes you priceless. The Lord will never, ever replace you. Though He has millions more children, each one wonderful, none is exactly like you! Never give up your uniqueness in order to be what you admire in someone else. Glean all you can from everyone, but duplicate none. You are too priceless as an original to be reduced to a cheap copy. Taken from: Woman Thou Art Loosed ~ Bishop T.D.Jakes

At UR Woman We strive to help women define their image in accordance with their unique personality, lifestyle and aspirations. Understanding that every woman is unique. Our goal is to help groom, inform, and bring out your unique look. Be sure to check out our Uniquely You photo album —> UR Woman Facebook Fan Page every Friday as women from everywhere share with us what makes them unique. So ladies, go ahead and rock that new outfit, but why not add a little of your own unique style to it. “Be yourself, because an original is worth more than a copy.”

If you would like to be featured in our Uniquely You album please Email and tell us what makes you unique….

UR Woman
Unique and Rare —>Website

TV Interview with SFP TV

Check out my 1st TV interview with the media team for Between the Lines show on SFP TV hosted by Dimitri Boweya-Ngombo

“We live in an image-based society where women are constantly bombarded with different kinds of definitions of beauty, elegance and femininity and womanhood. From BET to Canal +, women are constantly invited to reinvent themselves and sometimes become what they were not created to be in the first place. But because the pressure can become unbearable ( “Conform or be ignored!!”), many end up succumbing to the tactics of a global mass brainwashing campaign. But thank God there are businesses such as UR Woman and Andria Thompson who are precisely focusing on helping women retain their truly unique identities and take pride in how they look. In the field of etiquette and image consulting her approach is truly different. They are in a class by themselves. Watch this video and you will agree with me that this is a very unique message.” ~ Dimitri Boweya-Ngombo

UR Woman
Unique and Rare

Single Ready & Waiting….♥

God Ordained, Practical and Real.

After reading this book all I could do was thank God for my gifted friend and sister in Christ Tankia Chambers. The Lord has truly given her what I believe to be a manual for the single christian community.

As a Christian Counsellor Tanika takes her time to speak to the heart of the reader. Sharing her own testimony of God’s guidance, love and grace. As an intercessor she goes right to the root of the matter exposing and uprooting every ungodly tradition about relationship that has been sown by the enemy of our soul. Shining the light of God’s word and planting seeds of hope in the heart of the reader.

This book has confirm to me that I’m on the right path (only by God’s grace) and as a single woman walking out the call of God in my life the key is to continue to wait and trust the greatest guide of all (The Holy Spirit) He will guide and lead us towards the “Sacred Stage of Courtship” leading up to marriage. He did it for Tanika He will do it for you and me 🙂

So if you’re truly Single, Ready and Waiting for a purposeful relationship leading to marriage and ready to do it God’s way. I encourage you to pick up a copy of Tanika’s new book “Single Ready and Waiting your guide to courtship” A must read for singles everywhere! To order your copy visit:SINGLE READY & WAITING

Book promo:

For more information on the Author Tanika A. Chambers visit PROFILE

“Any woman that has a pretty face and a great body can get a man to look in her direction, but only a wise woman can really get their attention” ~SRW

Project Beautiful♥ ~2012

More than makeup and clothes Project Beautiful is making a difference in the lives of women.

April 30th the Empowered Ladies Union (ELU) of Rhema Christian Ministries hosted ‘Project Beautiful’ for the 2nd year. What a time we had, It was inspirational, motivating and  life changing. As an Image Consultant for UR Woman and apart of the   ELU team It was  a blessing to bring faith and image together. Showing the love of God, seeing the smiles and even tears of joy on some of the ladies faces made it all worth the time and effort that went into putting this project together.

God said He will “take away our ashes and give us His beauty. We may mourn, but He will give us the oil of joy,” and joy was all over the room on Monday. We had the opportunity of pampering over 3o women from the women’s shelter to a Complete Makeover…hair, facials makeup, and  even new outfits. This is only the beginning of what God is about to do in the lives of His women. Daughter’s of Zion “Arise, shine, for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.”  My prayer for ever women is that when we look in the mirror we will see ourselves the way the Father sees us Beautiful! ♥

If you are in the Toronto area why not join us for part 2 of Project Beautiful… feel free to contact me at  for more info

Also be sure to join me for the 2nd Annual UR Woman Image Building Workshop. May 26,2012 check out the link below for more info…!/events/392302074114211/

Unveil your true beauty today!

Photos by: © Kamshuka Photography


2nd Annual UR Woman Image Building Workshop

Hey everyone!

hope your all good. Been very busy getting ready for our upcoming workshop.

Getting real about our Bodies, Relationships and Womanhood. Join us for the 2nd Annual UR Woman Image Building Workshop. May 26,2012

Session One: Womanhood (Becoming The Woman God Created Us To Be)
With: First Lady Judith Meikle of Rhema Christian Ministries

Session Two: Body Image: (Loving Me For Me)
With: Cathy Morenzie Squire Health and Wellness Consultant

Session Three: Relationship (Loving Him God’s Way)
With: Tanika Chambers Founder of Single Ready & Waiting

Light Refreshments
Prizes and Give away

An afternoon just for you♥

$20 Registration EMT:

To Register and/or for tickets please call 416 707-8144 or email